Why this place?
Good question, to which I’m really tempted to just answer “Why Not?”,  but there actually is a reason.

There are things I come across in my daily life which I think are worth to be somehow “framed” and returned in the form of a graphic message, synthesized logo or something a bit more elaborated and since I love to draw and create graphics, I wanted to showcase what actually buzzes in my head, my head like a bum dub. (Sorry, I had to write it, I couldn’t help myself).

I haven’t really got any particular skill nor I master any specific drawing technique very well and I won’t pretend to publish any “masterpiece”. I just mix handmade sketches and digital tools in order to compose something nice, possibly – but not necessarily – with its intrinsic meaning, which could properly show off in a poster on the kitchen’s wall or on a t-shirt.

Nevertheless, this is an artistic project.

This is NOT a store and you can generally freely download, print, modify and reuse what’s on this website, according to the applied creative commons and unless differently specified. Just keep in mind that whatever you do with the things you find around here, you will have to issue the same rights: in other words, your only limitation is that you can’t add limitations. For further info please refer to our terms and conditions.

You can consider supporting this website by buying us a coffee or by getting a gadget, as a big Thank You for your help.

In the end, was another website really needed? Yes, of course, I needed it.