June 13, 2017

Rocking nuns, Rocking nuns everywhere…

Some time ago, we were in a Pathfinder session and our Master (please notice the capitol M) had led us to the doors of some kind of Assassins Sisterhood Monastery, in order to retrieve some hecking magic stuff, to damn stuff some other mystery stuff. By the way, the situation was clearly supposed to be stealthy or at least diplomatic. For those who don’t play role games, that means you have to use secondary features of the characters and it becomes a more ‘elaborated’ game. Ok, to make it short: after five minutes trying (in vain) to figure out what the best possible approach to the enemies was, our warrior said, “c’mon, let’s rock this fuckin’ monastereo”. Of course it’s ended up with the usual seek-and-destroy mission, we retrieved the thing by the skin of our teeth, killing everyone in the monastery and being about to die several times. And, since that night, I’m obsessed by nuns wearing headphones.

Some details for who’s interested…
The nun is Edwige Fenech in the 70’s Italian sexy movie “La bella Antonia, prima monica e poi dimonia”. I was not searching for her but, she popped out so, why not.
The headphones are from the web too.
I used Gimp and Inskape as usual for all the digital, no hand drawing here.
The notes at the bottom are a random section from one of the Highway to Hell Angus licks.


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