Just For Jason

June 16, 2017

I play loud music and scream for a living. (Jason Newsted)

“…And Justice for All” has been the first Metallica album I came across and I loved it for years. I still love it actually, although I listen at it rarely, despite one famous peculiarity of this end of 80’s metal masterpiece, is the outrageous lack of bass frequencies in every single track. And the fact that bass and rhythm guitar parts basically match almost completely, doesn’t help.
Among the various more or less legendary explanations, one of the most accepted is that Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, notorious assholes, messed up with the records mastering, in order to mock the new entry Jason Newsted, in a kind of band initiation, after the Cliff Burton recent death.

There are around several fanmade attempts to enhance the bass lines by remixing or replaying the Jason’s parts but the results are pretty poor. So the only thing is to claim …And Justice For Jason !

PS despite being a great performer, Trujillo doesn’t fit the band, IMO.

To do it I used Gimp and Inskape, the bass is actually the Jason Newsted bass.


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