It Could Work!!!

Over here, things are made by mixing handmade and digital drawing, using free software tools, stealing writings from the walls as well as posts on forums, news on websites and/or using original ideas, reworking, rethinking, using, misusing and abusing images, words and concepts in a way that can be sweet, violent, gentle, disturbing, humorous, satyric, kind, sick, fluffy, stupid, brainy, grotesque, joyful, creepy or whatever else. So it is perfectly normal to find a funny doggo on the moon side by side of a riot scene with pink bloodlines on the ground: that’s, actually, the purpose.

I’m not alone: I got a Webmaster who scares me with Codemancy and other Dark Arts, a Scientist in Communication who bosses me and criticizes everything I do and, at the moment, a lazy friend who’s supposed to be publishing things too. I’m a pretty open minded person: if you are interested in a collaboration, just give me a wave. That could work.